A couple who want to erect four glamping pods on land next to their 10-bed home have had plans approved despite an objection that claimed the main property is being used as a ‘party house’.

Mr and Mrs Handley applied to Pendle Council last year to change the use of the land, currently used for agriculture around their Moorlands property, in Skipton Old Road, Foulridge, so they could build four holiday pods at the site.

A planning statement submitted to the council read: “The application site comprises agricultural land to the east of a large, detached property known as Moorlands.

“As part of the proposals the land is to be accessed via a new track to be constructed within the curtilage of Moorlands.

"Moorlands is within the applicants’ ownership and is rented out as short-term visitor accommodation.

“The application is for the change of use of the land from agriculture to allow the siting of four holiday camping pods.”

Foulridge Parish Council said in a report to the planning committee, that residents had raised concerns with them in relation to noise issues, including the setting off of fireworks close to fields with livestock.

The council stated: “This is due to the main building, Moorlands, being used for large groups as a week/weekend party venue.

“The addition of four pods would allow for even larger groups to be accommodated.”

Access issues onto Skipton Old Road were also highlighted as a concern, with Foulridge Parish Council continuing: “Especially turning into, or out of, the Moorlands entrance toward or from Kelbrook.”

These objections, including referencing that the main dwelling was being used as a party house and could accommodate up to 29 people, were also lodged with Pendle Council by members of the public, on December 11, 18 and 22.

One objector stated: “Firstly, one should look at what currently the house and grounds of Moorlands is used for.

“Claimed to be a holiday rental home, which in some cases this is the case, but in many other occasions used as a party house, with 10 bedrooms, which is claimed on some websites to accommodate 29 sleeping guests.

“On one occasion recently with a marquee added to the total number in attendance of around 50 plus, with the extra day guests, with very loud music and a large loud firework display in the evening.

“This firework display was carried out with no warning to residents, with a large number of farm animals and horses in the fields around Moorlands.

“I know for a fact this firework display was heard in the whole village with lots of complaints, because of issues with domestic pets.”

Lancashire County Council’s highways department raised no objections and said: “Should the application be approved, we would seek to ensure that customers are advised at booking stage to access the site from Foulridge via Skipton Old Road rather than from Kelbrook.

“This should also be highlighted on the booking websites and social media pages.”

It is thought a new permeable hardcore track is to be constructed within the grounds of Moorlands to access the agricultural land, and a parking space for each pod will be provided along with a turning area and passing spaces along the length of the track.

The application stated: “The application site is not within the borough’s green belt boundary, within which new development would be very tightly constrained.

“The land is classed as open countryside and the local plan would allow in principle camping pods (and associated development) within such an area.

“The economic benefit of increased tourism is an extremely important consideration in the planning application.

“Increased tourism spend will have beneficial impacts for other businesses in the local area.

“Visitors will help to support local shops, public houses, restaurants and takeaways, as well as visiting local fee-paying visitor attractions.

“There are economic benefits to the local economy associated with the implementation of a development (which will be to the benefit of local contractors), furthermore there will be employment created associated with the operation of the site.

“The applicants are agreeable to the proposal being restricted to holiday use only. There are no residential properties that would be unacceptably impacted upon by the development.”

The plans were submitted at the end of November and approved on March 8.