Filming for the much-anticipated Bank of Dave: The Sequel is officially under way and Netflix has shared a behind-the-scenes of the filming process.

Bank of Dave was number one on Netflix's most streamed movies for a short time after it first appeared on the platform in 2023.

Dave Fishwick, upon whose life the films are based, says Netflix crews took over his  Sabden home to film the sequel, at the end of February.

Lancashire Telegraph: Netflix crew in Sabden Filming of Bank of Dave: The SequelNetflix crew in Sabden Filming of Bank of Dave: The Sequel (Image: Dave Fishwick)

Filming will now take place of the coming months across the North, Burnley and other parts of East Lancashire included.

A behind-the-scenes clip, shared by Netflix, show several areas in Burnley, including the train station and Burnley Savings and Loans.

The Talbot pub, which is currently closed, also features. Dave says rock band Def Leppard will be playing at the venue.

Details about the cast list have also been release, with Deadpool and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them stars mentioned.

In the clip Dave said: “We are back for the sequel – and we are off to America.

“Def Leppard, my friends, are going to be performing in a pub I used to drink in – The Talbot.

“We decided to look at the payday loan industry and that’s where the second film’s going. Pay day loans prey on the poor and vulnerable and they need shutting down

“I hope you love the film as much as we’ve enjoyed making it.”

Rory Kinnear, who plays Dave, said: “It was so amazing to see how many people responded to the first film and how much people seemed to love it.”

Bank of Dave: The Sequel is set to stream on Netflix in 2025.

It is based on the true (ish) story of Dave’s life. Two years after founding Britain’s very first community bank, Dave Fishwick (Rory Kinnear) takes on an even more dangerous and formidable opponent than the big banks – payday loan companies.

Dave recruits Jessica (Chrissy Metz), an American investigative reporter, and Oliver (Amit Shah), a local Citizen’s Advice counsellor, to his cause.

Together they embark on a journey that will eventually take them to the United States and help bring down an entire industry of predatory corporations.

Netflix has also released some details about the cast list Jo Hartley (This is England), Pearce Quigley (The Gentlemen, TV show), Dan Fogler (Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them) and Rob Delaney (Deadpool), set to appear.

Def Leppard, a rock band who appeared in the first film, have also been mentioned in the cast list.

Dave, who founded Burnley Savings and Loans after making his fortune selling minibuses, said the sequel will be “bigger” than the first and has likened it to a Hollywood production.