Two men from Accrington are taking to the high seas as they attempt to row 2,500 miles across the Pacific Ocean from San Francisco to Hawaii.

Former Royal Marine, Matt Mason, who has previously rowed across the Mid Atlantic, North Atlantic and Arctic Oceans as part of the Ocean Revival group, will be joined by plasterer, Will Scott, and two others, as they attempt the 50-day challenge in June.

Matthew and Will are taking on the row to raise awareness for ocean conservation and mental health.

More people have summited Everest this year than have rowed the Mid Pacific, which puts into perspective just how big the challenge is.

The Accrington lads will be battling huge seas, salt sores, sleep deprivation and sea sickness while rowing in shifts of two hours on, and two hours off, for an expected 50 day journey.

Lancashire Telegraph: Matt after completing the Atlantic rowMatt after completing the Atlantic row (Image: Ocean Revival)

Will, 39, of, Fern Gore in Accrington said: “I want to do this huge challenge to really test myself and see what I am capable of.

“Life is too short, and I want to experience everything it has to offer.

“When the opportunity arose to be part of this team, I couldn’t say no.

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“I am doing this for mental health, and like a lot of people in Accrington, I have struggled throughout my life with addiction.

“I see this as an incredible opportunity to refocus my life and experience our planet in a way that not many people will ever do.

“I want to make my family and town proud that a normal lad can do something really special like this.”

Lancashire Telegraph: Will ScottWill Scott (Image: Ocean Revival)

Matt, 35, formerly of Avenue Parade, will be leading the expedition having previously taken on one of the most dangerous rows in history when he crossed the Atlantic from New York to London in 2021.

He said: “I’m really excited having Will on the team for what is going to be a really tough crossing.

“The Mid-Pacific route is a cold, unpredictable and dangerous body of water, which means from now until May, we will be training hard on the south coast of England to get the team up to scratch for the 50 day crossing.

“Having a fellow Accringtonian onboard will be great, somebody who shares the same values and has the same work ethic will be a real boost.

“We hope we can make the town and wider Lancashire community proud.”

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The four-person team will be making the journey in their tried-and-true classic-style ocean rowing boat, the same one that helped Matt cross the Atlantic and Arctic oceans.

They will aim to set-off from San Francisco between June 10 and June 15, depending on the weather of course, and are likely to be at sea for around 50 days.

The team also hopes to raise money for an Ocean Conservation Charity called Oceana.

Other members of the team are from New York, and Oswestry, Shropshire.