In the heart of Darwen, a family-run gem thrives—Darwen Auctioneers & Salesrooms, where customers are not merely transactions but cherished members of an extended family. Founded by Sandra Lambert and her partner Richard Arkwright three years ago, the business has snowballed from humble beginnings.

Reflecting on their journey, Sandra recounts, "We started off about three years ago, opening up a small unit when a friend asked for help in clearing a garage overflowing with possessions". Thus, Darwen Auctioneers was born, evolving from a simple garage cleanout to a multifaceted service with a unique approach to customer care and environmental responsibility.

Sandra and Richard express their commitment to treating clients as an extension of their family, stating, "We work for the vendor, not ourselves, if it weren't for them we wouldn't have a business. The vendors are the heart of our operation, we treat them like they're an extension of our family".

Lancashire Telegraph:
The company's ethos revolves around reusing, repurposing, reselling, and recycling items that would otherwise end up in landfills, "We didn’t want anything to just get thrown away when it had reusable or resalable potential", Sandra said. Their dedication to helping not just the planet, but their community extends to offering free evaluations and assistance, setting them apart in an industry where consultancy fees are the norm. "Our motto is: Reuse, repurpose, resell, recycle. We give most of our time for free, our help and evaluations, it's all free," they affirm.

Darwen Auctioneers prides itself on being a comprehensive solution, providing evaluations using every available selling platform. "We're different to our competitors because we have every selling platform available to people." This commitment ensures that clients have diverse avenues for selling their items, whether through auctions, antiques centres, or online platforms.

Lancashire Telegraph:
The Antiques Centre at Darwen Auctioneers has swiftly become one of Darwen's hotspots. Open to the public and their dogs seven days a week, with two floors of antiques to explore, the centre is more than just a shopping experience. Offering a trip down memory lane, with all of its treasures at fantastic, affordable prices, there's truly something for everyone.

In contrast to traditional house clearance companies that charge fees and keep the profits, Darwen Auctioneers offers a transparent and profitable model. "Why pay an extortionate amount of money for a house clearance to see nothing from it? When you could pay our house clearance company a significantly reduced amount, we'll collect your items, sort through, photograph, get them online and sell them, for just a small percentage. You recuperate the money from the house clearance and then make a profit from the sales".

Lancashire Telegraph:
Darwen Auctioneers further stands out by offering 0% commission on hallmarked items like gold and silver, ensuring clients see 100% of the profits. Their down-to-earth, easy-going demeanour, and unwavering honesty characterise the company. "We're really down to earth, easy going, as honest as they come. We just want to help people, what you see is what you get", Sandra tells us.

Darwen Auctioneers is not just an auction house; it's a family-driven, environmentally conscious and customer-centric service that strives to make a positive impact while providing a hassle-free experience for vendors. Richard says: “We want people to see a benefit to using us, we’re always working towards helping people.” The company's commitment to its vendors, environmental sustainability, and transparent business practices make it a unique and beneficial choice for those looking to sell their items.

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