An East Lancashire school has been placed in the top 10 per cent of schools nationally - for pupil attendance.

The Autumn term at Whitworth Community High School in Rossendale was in the top 10 per cent of all similar schools in England monitored by the Fisher Family Trust (FFT).

This was significantly above the national average figure across all secondary schools, with the FFT providing participating schools with live weekly comparative attendance reporting.

Attendance officer Jonathan Shepherd said: “I am delighted that we are in the top 10 per cent of secondary schools similar to us in England.

“This is firstly down to the attendance team and also to the joint working which involves everyone in school: students, parents and staff.

“This is a reward for everyone, but for the students first and foremost and those who have helped and supported them to achieve this.”

Last week the school recorded a 94.39 per cent attendance, but Mr Shepherd said what was important was the cumulative figures over time.

He said every form has a trophy for attendance and an attendance traffic light system is in operation: red if attendance is below 90 per cent, amber for 90-95 per cent and green for over 95 per cent.

Mr Shepherd added: “As a school we have a team of three in attendance and we work closely with the pastoral team and other members of staff. We are very proactive and work to take early action on any issues.”

Catering staff in the kitchen at the school on Hall Road were also 'delighted' when the first inspection of the new premises came out top of the class.

The routine Environmental Health inspection is now carried out to new guidelines following the introduction of Natasha’s Law, which tightens up allergy guidelines, storage and detailing.

Catering Assistant Manager Laura Taylor said: “We were rated five star in the previous building, but this was the first time we had been assessed since we relocated last Easter.

“It was just coming up to break time when they arrived, so they saw the kitchen in action and saw that we all wore gloves when we are serving food.

“They looked at the cleanliness of the kitchen and documentation relating to temperatures and allergens, checking that all the information is correct and that food options are labelled right.

“Everyone in the kitchen has worked really hard and we are delighted with the five star rating.”

Lancashire Telegraph:

Headteacher, Gill Middlemas, added: ‘’Excellent attendance at school is closely linked to academic and holistic success and prepares students for their working lives.

"Our school’s above national attendance figures reflect how our students’ enjoy and value their education, and are supported by the work of our attendance and pastoral teams.’’