A mum from Rawtenstall, who is married to a Coronation Street actor, has made a drastic change to her appearance  after being “outnumbered” by her husband and children.

Briony Aston, married to Sam Aston who plays Chesney Winter-Brown in the ITV soap, has dyed her hair to match her redhead children and husband.

After bleaching her hair for years Briony, a hypnobirthing teacher and doula, said she has been “envious” of her two children’s red locks so decided to rock the hair colour for herself.

She said: “Bleach has been damaging my hair for years and I have been envious of my children's hair since the moment they were born - so what's one more redhead?”

Lancashire Telegraph: Sam and Briony AstonSam and Briony Aston (Image: Instagram/@briony_aston)

In a video Briony showed pictures of herself with Sam and children, Sonny and Daisy.

She said: “I have been blonde since I was a baby so when I became pregnant with my first baby I wondered what colour my baby would have.

“Sonny was born with a full head of ginger hair.

“I wondered again when I was pregnant with baby number two and Daisy was also born with a full head of red hair.

“So now I am outnumbered and wondering what colour hair baby number three will have but until we meet her… I guess if you can’t beat them, join them.”

Childhood sweethearts Briony and Sam got married in 2019, after a two year engagement. They had been dating since 2012.

Briony owns a Crawshawbooth baby yoga business, Happy Baby Studio, which is temporarily closed so she and co-owner Olivia Phillips can focus on building their families.

In November, Briony and Sam announced they are expecting their third child.

Speaking to a national magazine, the couple revealed that they were initially expecting twins before losing one of the babies to vanishing twin syndrome, when a twin or multiple disappears in the uterus during pregnancy.

Last year the couple opened up about the miscarriages they suffered.

She said: “I had a cry a couple of days ago and Sonny came up to me and gave me a hug. It is so lovely that they are so caring, but it is a normal emotion and I am not afraid to show that side of me in front of them.”

Briony said she was nervous about opening up about this on social media but was determined to smash the taboo surrounding miscarriage.