The mum of a woman who died from a brain tumour in East Lancashire last year has written a new book.

Laura Nuttall died from a glioblastoma in May 2023, when she was just 23 years old.

Her mum, Nicola Nuttall, from Barrowford, was 'horrified' by the statistics around brain tumours and the lack of government investment.

She has now written a book named 'The Stars Will Still Be There', a heartbreaking but life-affirming memoir from Nicola about her inspirational daughter.

Nicola wrote on X, formerly known as Twitter, in an account she set up as an outlet for the rollercoaster of emotions experienced while caring for her daughter.

She wrote: "The last five years have contained the worst days of my life but also, some of the best.

"I have learned so much about kindness and love, living in the moment and appreciating this life.

"I have also had my heart well and truly shattered.

"Thanks to Harper Collins UK and my literary agent for your faith in me."

Shortly after Laura was diagnosed, she made a decision to live the rest of her life to the full and 'embark on an extraordinary bucket list'.

This included meeting Michelle Obama, piloting a Royal Navy ship, sky diving, going on safari in South Africa, driving monster trucks, taking tea at the Ritz, dancing on stage in front of thousands and graduating from university.

The Stars Will Still Be There is Nicola’s account of helping her daughter make the most of her remaining time, while dealing with her own pain along with that of her younger daughter Gracie and husband, Mark.

Nicola is now a passionate fundraiser, speaker and campaigner, raising awareness of the cancer and working with charities such as the Brain Tumour Charity and Brain Tumour Research to call for better, kinder treatments for those diagnosed with brain tumours. 

The book will be released later this year on Thursday, May 9.