Officers seized a car in Preston after the driver abandoned it in the street.

Police said while on patrol in the Fishwick area of the city, two officers spotted a car attempting to avoid them.

The car was followed for a short distance before the driver stopped and ran into a property.

The vehicle was left unlocked was later found to be uninsured and also in an extremely poor state of repair. 

The neighbourhood policing team posted: “We did plan to call the owner of the vehicle to discuss it being returned to him, however, he was in such a hurry to avoid us that he left his mobile phone in the car. We do however have a simple solution for this. 

“Please come and see your neighbourhood policing team at Preston Police Station and we will be more than happy to discuss the return of your property and the traffic offences that you have committed. If you do not wish to do this then we will come and visit you to resolve the matter.”