Police have warned drivers they have set up extra patrols following concerns of anti-social behaviour including motorists doing "doughnuts".

Officers said they had received a number of complaints of young drivers "causing issues at Barrow Brook". 

A Ribble Valley police spokesperson said: “Whilst the majority just park up, chat, and spend in the local fast food outlets, some that are letting the side down.

"This minority sees fit to rev engines, play loud music, sometimes do 'doughnuts' in the car park, and when leaving the site, do so in a noisy and dangerous manner. 

“We would like to remind this minority, that there are families living on the nearby estate, some with small children trying to sleep. 

"There are people out walking their dogs and other young people on foot, not yet old enough to drive, but still want the independence of going to a fast-food outlet with their mates.

"We don't want to be attending the scene of an accident.”

Police added they will be stepping up patrols and monitoring the area. Drivers were also warned that police have the power to confiscate vehicles and have it crushed.