A Rawtenstall family who were left devastated when their shed collapsed have been presented with £150 worth of toys and garden furniture.

Tesco Community Champion Emma Bailey arranged the donation to help Vicki and Mark Simmons.

The family had stored their six-year-old son Cayden’s toys in the shed and these were ruined when it collapsed during the storms. 

After hearing the news, neighbour, Julie George, contacted the Rawtenstall superstore and asked if they could help. Community Champion, Emma then visited several stores to find gifts for the family. 

Cayden received a paddling pool, football goal, football and nerf guns Emma also donated a garden table and chairs for Vicki and Mark. 

Cayden’s Mum, Vicki Simmons, said: “I would like to say a massive thank you to Julie, Emma and Tesco for everything they’ve done for our family. We've been overwhelmed by everyone’s kindness and are so grateful to them all.

“Seeing Cayden enjoy his new toys has been fantastic, especially after such a hard time.

"He loves football so the ball and net are wonderful, and the nerf guns have already been put to good use! We’re all looking forward to splashing around in the pool and enjoying the garden with our family and friends!”

Emma, said: “Vicki, Mark and Cayden are a lovely family and being able to make this difficult time a little easier was very special. 

“My own chimney caved in when my daughter was just one year old. We were left without her toys and other family belongings so when I heard the Simmons’ story, I wanted to do everything I could to help."