Two men from East Lancashire who were involved in the production and supply of drugs across the country have been jailed for a combined total of more than 18 years.

Carl Williams, 42, and Simon Day, 55, appeared at Preston Crown Court via video link from prison in Liverpool following their arrest over the offences in 2021.

The court heard how Day was involved in the wholesale supply of class A drugs and production of “industrial quantities” of amphetamine.

Thomas Bramhall, prosecuting, said Day also organised and facilitated the sale and transportation of drugs across the UK.

Williams, meanwhile, worked under Day’s direction and was involved on two dates, April 3 and April 10, 2020, in the delivery of 20l of amphetamine oil and the collection of cash from drug supply respectively.

Mr Bramhall said the matters commenced on April 2, 2020, following the arrangement for a delivery of amphetamine oil to an address in Oldham. There was an identical delivery the following day.

On April 7, there was contact from an Encrochat handle which asked Day if he had any ‘good news’, to which he replied saying he had cocaine, heroin and amphetamine in stock.

He went on to say a quarter of cocaine would cost £12,500, kilograms of heroin were £12,000, and a 2kg block of amphetamine was £1,200.

On April 10, Williams delivered cash to an address in Liverpool.

Just under two weeks later, an offer was made to Day to supply him with cocaine at a cost of £37,500 per kilogram, to which he replied he already had some.

On April 30, there was another delivery of amphetamine oil, and on May 9 there was confirmation of the purchase of a further 3kg of cocaine.

Both defendants were arrested at their respective homes on November 24 following dawn raids.

At Day’s home, police located £2,000 in cash along with Bitcoin paperwork, a knuckleduster, a crossbow, an air rifle, and several mobile phones.

Day pleaded guilty to two counts of conspiracy to supply cocaine, and one count of conspiracy to produce a controlled drug of class B, while Williams pleaded guilty to conspiracy to produce a controlled drug of class B, and conspiracy to transfer criminal property.

Day, of Walmsley Street, Rishton, has 12 previous convictions for 17 offences, including conspiracy to supply class B and class A drugs, and being concerned in the supply of class A drugs.

Williams, of Wordsworth Road, Accrington, has eight previous convictions for 16 offences, including possession of class A drugs with intent to supply and conspiracy to supply drugs of class A and class B.

Mitigating for Day, Ian Whitehurst said his client took responsibility “very early on” and was one of the first to plead guilty in the case.

Daniel Harman, for Williams, said his client had already served the equivalent of a four-and-a-half year sentence.

He added: “The oil trip and the cash trip were for £500. The value and cost of that £500 has been catastrophic for him.”

Judge Andrew Jeffries, sentencing, said: “These matters arise out of the event during lockdown where you, Mr Day, were quite clearly heavily involved in the wholesale supply of drugs across the country.

“Mr Williams, your role was limited to that of a courier. I am reassured on that by your lack of usage of the Encrochat phone.

“The amounts of amphetamine are quite staggering – 78kg of produced product, hundreds or more than that of the oil used in the manufacturing process. We’re talking about industrial quantities of amphetamine in which you were involved.”

Day was jailed for a total of 13 years and seven months and Williams was jailed for five years and one month, both minus time on remand.

A Proceeds of Crime Act hearing concerning Day will be heard later in the year.