People are being invited to hear of new proposals for a cemetery between Oswaldtwistle and Blackburn.

The ‘open platform for residents’ focuses on plans by the Issa Foundation for a Memorial Garden and Cemetery, located on farmland off Blackburn Road in Hyndburn. The meeting will take place at the Hampton by Hilton Hotel on Frontier Park on Thursday, 7 March between 5:30 and 8:30pm.

At the event people will be able to see the updated designs and plans for the cemetery, which has been revisited following concerns in 2021.

The new development has been significantly reduced to 13,500 burial plots across 18.5 hectares. The foundation said the scaling down from the previous proposal aims to ‘ensure a balance between serving community needs and preserving the character of the area’.

The Issa Foundation is the charitable group set up in 2016 by the family of EG Group founders Mohsin and Zuber Issa.

The foundation said it was ‘keen to hear the views of local residents and other individuals or organisations who are keen to provide constructive feedback on the proposed scheme’. A new website where people can share their comments and suggestions has also been launched.

A spokesperson for the Issa Foundation said: ‘’We are excited to share our design and planning consideration for the proposed Memorial Garden and Cemetery.

“Our aim is to create a space that respects the deceased individual and their respective families in an inviting, tranquil landscaped setting that adds to the surrounding area.

‘’Whilst the Memorial Garden and Cemetery will service the needs for the Muslim community, ensuring members of the faith are buried in accordance with their traditions, this scheme will be open to all, and we hope to speak to as many residents in the coming weeks as possible.’’

The initial plans for the cemetery were unveiled in November 2021 and covered the whole section of land - 84 acres and aimed to accommodate 35,000 plots. Later, the foundation clarified that the cemetery would be open to people of ‘all faiths and backgrounds’.

In July 2022, the plans were withdrawn following concerns from local residents who were upset at the prospect of losing the large green space on the edge of Oswaldtwistle.

Lancashire Telegraph: New plans reveal the cemetery will take up space just off Blackburn Road but leave a large section of the land completely untouched.

Lancashire Telegraph:

This site is just up the road from £100million Frontier Park complex which has a service station, several food outlets, the Hampton by Hilton hotel and various industrial units.

In details released this week, the new downscaled plans aim to address number of concerns raised following the previous application. This includes environmental sensitivity, capacity and specialist reports which will explore ‘areas of contamination, pollution, drainage, biodiversity, ecology, traffic, and highway safety’.

A spokesperson for the Issa Foundation added: ‘’We remain dedicated to creating a Memorial Garden and Cemetery that is not only a dignified final resting place but also a serene sanctuary that enhances the local landscape and an asset everybody can access.

‘’We invite the residents of Oswaldtwistle and other interested parties to join us in shaping a project that honours life, respects nature, and fosters community spirit.’’

Ahead of the new proposal the Issa Foundation said it wanted to commit ‘not only to creating a ‘respectful resting place for the deceased’ but also offer ‘comprehensive services that cater to the needs of the bereaved families’.

The foundation said plans include transportation of the deceased from the place of death to the cemetery and preparation for burial.

There will be a ‘wide-ranging burial facilities providing washing, shrouding, coffins, burial, and backfilling tasks’ and ‘provision of family support to aid in the bereavement process’.

The service also aims to provide ‘close coordination with local coroners, registrars, and faith organisations to facilitate seamless funeral arrangements.’ The foundation said any revenue generated from the services will be reinvested in providing ongoing facility resources and funeral services.

People can find out further information and submit comments at or e-mail 

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