The Salvation Army in Blackburn has launched a new emergency clothing scheme for people who are homeless.

The scheme allows The Salvation Army to provide clothing packages to people who use its homeless drop-in service at Phoenix Hub, located in Clayton Street, Blackburn.

People are asked to bring items such as trousers, tops, jumpers and coats to Phoenix Hub during the opening hours of Tuesday, 9am to 12pm, Wednesday 9am to 4pm and Thursday from 12pm to 4pm.

As well as providing people who are homeless, The Salvation Army also provides clients with a laundry service, washing items on-site while they wait in a warm, safe space or enjoy a hot drink and food.

Clients can also have a shower with free towels and toiletries provided.

Sandra Skellern, support worker for The Salvation Army in Blackburn said: “Some people who use our service have just the clothes on their back and if they haven’t managed to find shelter, or washing facilities, it can be very uncomfortable for them at a time when they are already incredibly vulnerable.

"Homelessness can happen to anyone and often without warning, and carrying around bags of possessions often just isn’t possible.

“Our clients can either swap their clothes for new ones, and we’ll launder the ones they have if in a position to keep, or can choose key staples from our supplies, fitting for the weather or situation they find themselves in.

"This service is in high demand and as such we are running very low on items so any help from generous members of our community would be much appreciated, giving fresh hope and practical support to many in need.

“The project is twofold, while providing people with a much-needed service it also reduces clothing waste; we take in pre-loved items in good condition to stop them from going into landfill, caring for creation and loving our neighbour.”

While the emergency clothing scheme runs on donations of good quality clothing, any financial donations received go on purchasing new underwear and socks. 

Donations of unused underwear and socks in unopened packaging are also accepted. Phoenix Hub is a service that is part of The Salvation Army’s Lifehouse (hostel) in Blackburn, Bramwell House.

For anyone wishing to support The Salvation Army’s work in Blackburn for homeless people, donations can be made to