Police conducted 25 stop and searches under enhanced powers following a rise in disorder in Nelson town centre.

The section 60 order ran from 7.35pm on Saturday (February 24) until 7am on Sunday (February 25), covering the area from Every Street towards Netherfield Road, and then towards Arthur Street and Broadway.

It was put in place following reports of groups of youths being involved in disorder around Sagar Street and Broadway, with police saying they were using weapons - baseball bats or something of a similar nature.

The section 60 order allows police to stop and search people and vehicles without suspicion.

In the time the order was in place, officers conducted 25 searches, with no weapons found.

A Lancashire Police spokesperson said: "We thank the public in that area of Nelson for their cooperation and understanding in this matter. It is important we worked with the community to reduce the threat of disorder.

"We do ask parents to be aware of where their children are and what they might have been involved in to help avoid similar situations.

"If anyone has any concerns about what has happened or of potential disorder, please speak to one of the officers.

"To report any disorder or crime, please contact 101."