A man was recalled to prison for three months after punching a 15-year-old boy in the face.

David Jackson, who had been on licence for a previous crime, punched the teenager and damaged a toy gun he’d been playing with, after being told there was someone firing a BB gun in the street.

Burnley Crown Court heard how on June 28, the 15-year-old had been playing with his cousins in a street in Nelson.

The boys had been using toy guns and as the teen went to sit down on a wall, he was approached by 47-year-old Jackson who tried to pull the toy from his hands.

Prosecuting, Stephen Parker said Jackson then punched the boy in the face, released his grip on the gun, and walked off.

He told the court: “As the defendant walked away he was pursued by the boy’s uncle who was nearby and had witnessed the incident.

“He followed the defendant to his home address and the police were called and Jackson was arrested after that.”

Mr Parker said in his interview, Jackson said he’d been informed of an incident in the street involving his own children and had been told a BB gun was being used.

Mr Parker went on: “He took what he thought was a BB gun from a child, who he actually thought was an adult.”

Jackson, formerly of Chapel House Road, Nelson, pleaded guilty to common assault and criminal damage.

He was recalled to prison for three months because of the offending, with his barrister Mark Stuart telling the court: “He accepts he should not have behaved in the way he did.

“He should have taken his children inside and called the police.

“But, he believed there was someone on the street firing a BB gun so he went out.

“As it turns out it was a gel gun. The defendant did grab it, and it was obviously a toy, but the defendant wasn’t to know that at the time.

“He shouldn’t have struck out and he apologises.

“He was recalled to prison for a period of three months and has since moved from the area.”

Judge Sara Dodd handed Jackson a two year community order, with attached conditions stating he must complete 20 rehabilitation activity days and 71 hours of unpaid work.

She said: “You must put something back into the community for your actions that day.”