There are a huge number of people in temporary accommodation. Is this acceptable in a rich country like ours?

The figures are stark, with the number nearly doubling over the last 10 years, 55,840 (2013) vs over 100,000 (2023) nationally. In the same period there were 181,214 fewer social homes in the system.

Here in Rossendale, we currently have 30 households in temporary accommodation. This is a substantial rise from just a few years ago in 2017, when we had no such households on record.

The Tories make big promises but where are the actions? In 2019 they promised to get rid of section 21 “No fault evictions”, a scourge of the private rented sector and a major contributing factor, but we are still waiting.

The Tories have had plenty of initiatives during their time in Government, the latest being the “Affordable homes program”. However, with changing the Housing Minister 16 times, how seriously are they focusing on this most basic of needs?

We are now on track to spend over £2 billion on temporary accommodation next year - fiscal responsibility or sticking plaster politics? Imagine how many good quality homes could be built with that rather than filling the pockets of the private sector.

We need a grown-up approach to public housing policy to ensure the aspiration to a safe secure home is not just a distant dream but a reality. We deserve so much more than this shambolic Government, they are out of ideas and out of time.

Gill Windwood