A nightclub in Burnley is preparing to close after 10 years.

Mode Nightclub, in Hammerton Street, said it will open its doors “for one last time” on March 2 before they shut for good. After that the future of the business is unknown.

Owners, Jason and Rebecca McQuoid, issued a statement about the closure and said they have “dedicated their lives” to the nightclub, adding it is time for their family to “take priority”.

The couple said their other nightclub, Proj3Kt, which also is based in Hammerton Street, will remain open.

In a statement they said: “Join us on March 2 as we have one final dance.

Lancashire Telegraph: Jason and Rebecca McQuoid, owners of Mode nightclubJason and Rebecca McQuoid, owners of Mode nightclub (Image: NQ)

“After 10 years in Burnley we will open our doors for one last time.

"We have hosted some amazing events, had internationally renowned artists, and have consistently brought something different to Burnley.

“We have met some amazing people and watched brands grow into something special.

"It’s time for us now to focus on doing the same for Proj3Kt and continue to bring something that special to Burnley!

“We have dedicated our lives to Mode but there comes a time in life when our family should take priority, we have been in the town of Burnley working every weekend for 10 years and it’s time for us to move on.

“We hope that you will join us in celebrating 10 years of something truly special.”

In September 2023, the club had its premises licence revoked. This was after police objections on grounds of public safety and prevention of crime and disorder.

Speaking to the Lancashire Telegraph,  Jason and Rebecca said the closure has "nothing to do with the licence review".

They said: "Running two venues in the town is impacting our family life, so we decided to close the doors to focus our efforts fully on Proj3Kt and make more time for ourselves as a family.

"This has nothing to do with the review; we will still be attending the appeal hearing to ensure the building maintains its premises licence. This is purely a personal decision.

"We have dedicated 10 years of our life to Mode and think it’s time to move on.

"Closing night will feature guests from the past 10 years. Tickets are available on Skiddle - we've already sold 70 per cent of tickets."

The nightclub was formerly known as Vogue but was asked to change its name in 2017 by a fashion magazine of the same name.

It has seen many famous performers including Dappy from N-Dubz, Basshunter and more.

Since announcing the news many have expressed their opinions on the club’s closure.

One person said: “Mode Nightclub. You can say what you like about the place but… it’s always going to hold a place in my heart.”

Another said: “This is very sad to hear, I thoroughly enjoyed my time being a DJ here and have some amazing memories.

“Being a DJ here acted as a bit of escapism for me during a bad period in my life. Always a packed main room, a real anthem bashing and hands in the air venue. The crowd were always on point and absolutely mental.”