A new vending machine offering up fresh whole milk and flavoured milkshakes is to be launched at a farm in Lancashire.

Situated at Ann Forshaw’s Alston Dairy near Longridge, the black and white cow print branded vending machine will be open 24 hours a day and has its own hardstanding area with customer parking within the grounds of the dairy.

'The Milk Shed' gently disperses pasteurised and non-homogenised milk fresh from the dairy in 500ml or one litre servings, priced at £1 and £1.60 respectively.

Ann Forshaw said: “We are very excited to have our Milk Shed up and running, offering us the opportunity to sell pasteurised milk to customers for the first time, as well as launching delicious milkshakes which are another new avenue for us.

“Our high-quality fresh milk is competitively priced, and the reusable glass bottles are very smart with our new branding.

“The milkshakes are a treat purchase when in the mood and are suitable for all ages as we have been mindful of the flavourings we have included in the range.”

Milkshakes are available at £1.80 for 500ml, or £2.80 for one litre, and are in five classic flavours such as chocolate, strawberry, banana, vanilla, and salted caramel.

A sixth limited edition milkshake flavour will be on rotation to complement the core range, with cookies and cream being the first.

A decision has been made to ensure all the milkshakes use natural flavourings and colourings where possible, and all milkshake flavours at launch are made from natural ingredients.

Customers will also have the option to purchase Milk Shed branded reusable glass bottles at £1.80 for 500ml or £2.20 for one litre, enabling repeat and plastic free purchases.

Recyclable cardboard cups and paper straws offer a free and an environmentally friendly alternative.

The easy-to-operate machine has two dispensing units to cater for busy periods and it is contactless card payment only to quicken the process.