A terrifying stalker relentlessly harassed his former partner while he was in and out of prison, telling her to kill herself "before I get there myself."

Furqaan Hussain, 23, was convicted of harassment against his ex-partner in 2022 and he was jailed, with a two-year restraining order imposed in October of that year.

While Hussain was in prison between October 2022 and February 2023, he sent letters to the victim and her mother, going against the terms of the restraining order.

Preston Crown Court heard that following his release, he threatened the victim, saying if she had spoken to anyone else he would kill her and the person she had been speaking to.

David Clarke, prosecuting, said Hussain would call the victim while withholding his number so it appeared as No Caller ID.

Lancashire Telegraph: Furqaan HussainFurqaan Hussain (Image: Lancashire Police)

Hussain claimed to the victim that he had put trackers on her mother’s car.

Mr Clarke added he told the victim “do you not think I’m not driving past your house 20 times a day” and “do you not think I’ve not got people watching your house.”

It was heard he also threatened to ‘cut her up’ and that when she blocked Hussain on social media, he resorted to sending her small amounts of money, between 1p and 10p, via bank transfer, with messages in the notes of these transactions.

This included a series of transactions that, when the messages were put together, said: “I found your new house. Watch me slash it up. You’re going to die you little fat s**g, kill yourself before I get there myself.”

In a victim personal statement summarised to the court by Mr Clarke, the victim said it was “hard to accurately put into words” the impact of Hussain’s behaviour, and that it had “felt like torture.”

She added: “He’s pushed me to my emotional limit. I can’t remember what it’s like to relax.”

Anthony Horsfall, mitigating, said his client was a “highly immature young man” but “finally the penny has dropped about the seriousness of his conduct.”

Mr Horsfall added Hussain has been on remand for 209 days and had used the time wisely by completing and engaging with courses in prison.

Hussain appeared numerous times on Lancashire Police’s most wanted lists in the last year, and even took to Facebook to taunt police about their inability to find him.

Sharing a Lancashire Telegraph post on social media, he said: "Will police ever catch me? Even the Lancashire Telegraph know I’m too good at hiding.”

Lancashire Telegraph: Furqaan Hussain taunted police about their inability to find himFurqaan Hussain taunted police about their inability to find him (Image: Facebook)

He was arrested on August 4, while he was on licence from his previous jail term.

Sentencing, Recorder Charlotte Deane said: “It’s clear to me you had almost total disregard for the restraining order and you started a campaign of harassment against [the victim].

“After your release in 2023, you began driving past her house and you told her you were doing it up to 20 times a day. You told her you had people watching her house and that you’d put a tracker on her mother’s car.

“Between April and May 2023 you made 43 calls with No Caller ID. You threatened to throw acid in her face.

“It’s clear she feels she has been the victim of a long-term, terrifying campaign of torture. She is utterly terrified of you and lives in fear.”

Hussain, of Sudell Road, Blackburn, pleaded guilty to offences of stalking involving serious alarm or distress and breach of a restraining order.

Recorder Deane sentenced Hussain to four years in prison, with four years on extended license, giving a total extended sentence of eight years. An indefinite restraining order was also imposed between him and the victim.