An English teacher from East Lancashire is running three marathons in three weeks to fundraise for charity.

Lewis Ware, 25, teaches English at The Hyndburn Academy in Rishton, and is raising money for Microphthalmia, Anophthalmia and Coloboma Support (MACS) by running three marathons in April.

MACS is a small national charity supporting children and adults born without eyes or with underdeveloped eyes.

Mr Ware said: "I love running. Some say that it’s an addiction and my mum definitely says that I am 'doing too much' and that I should not be putting my body 'through so much stress'.

"Can you image her reaction when I told her that I’m running three marathons in three weeks in April?!

"It probably is ridiculous that I am putting myself through this, but all of this is to support and raise funds for MACS.

"Raising children with additional needs and disabilities can be a challenge, which is why they support young people and families by offering personal care, offering trips, and organising other events to ensure that their lives are full of excitement and happiness – how they should be!

"They’re a wonderful charity, and I look forward to raising funds and awareness for them on this journey."

Last year, MACS was seeking teachers like Mr Ware to run the London marathon for them as they had surplus charity places.

Now, Mr Ware is eager to help support MACS because he has seen how beneficial their trips and activities can be for young people.

He says the financial support for parents can alleviate the burden who struggle with the cost of living. 

The three marathons Mr Ware is running start on April 7 in Paris, then on to Manchester on April 14, and then London on April 21.

Mr Ware is currently sitting at 50 per cent of his overall fundraising target of £1,500, raising around £750.

With not long to go, he needed to think of something 'radical' to reach that goal and support the young people in need.

Mr Ware continued: "I have accepted suggestions from my classes for fundraising ideas.

"The most in-demand task was to shave my head. Not ideal for me, but the students absolutely loved the idea.

"Further to this, I am encouraging a small amount of our male staff to get their legs waxed.

"All of this will be done during a lunchtime break on Thursday, March 21, in our assembly hall. 

"We will ask students to donate upon entry and also have the chance to shave my head, so long as their winning raffle ticket is drawn.

"I am hoping that it will allow more people to become informed of MACS and the work that they do to help make young people’s lives better."