A man caught with almost £2,000 worth of crack cocaine and heroin had hidden some of the drugs under his genitals.

Demetrius Thompson was spotted driving a white Audi by police in the Infirmary area of Blackburn on October 11, 2022, Preston Crown Court heard.

Officers suspected a drug deal had just taken place between two men and the occupants of the Audi while it was parked up in Mosley Walk.

Naimh Ingham, prosecuting, said the police continued to observe the vehicle before eventually stopping it in Lammack Road.

She told the court: “Thompson was driving the vehicle and his front seat passenger was a woman called Sadia Salma.

“He was searched, and items were found in his jacket and trousers.”

Ms Ingham said police uncovered quantities of brown powder and an off-white substance in plastic bags.

They also found latex gloves, scales and £335 in cash as well as a mobile phone.

Another officer seized two iPhones from Miss Salma and when a thorough search of the Audi was undertaken further plastic bags were found along with a further £200 in cash.

In the drinks holder there was what looked like a Red Bull can, Ms Ingham said, but on further examination, police found it was a container which was housing plastic bags full of more brown and white substances.

Both Thompson and Salma were arrested and when Thompson was searched again at the police station, officers discovered another plastic bag containing heroin and crack cocaine tucked away under his genitals.

Ms Ingham went on: “Around 13g of crack cocaine was seized and just under 20g of heroin.

“The street value of the drugs, for 18.05g of heroin was £750, and 12.69g of crack cocaine was £1,260.”

One of Miss Salma’s iPhones was examined, and police found Google searches of the Blackburn area had been made on it prior to the pair’s arrest, which Thompson admitted to making.

The second iPhone could not be accessed fully but officers managed to analyse data being sent by and received on the phone, and found it to be consistent with the device operating as a drugs line.

Thompson was arrested and charged but at a hearing in Blackburn Magistrates’ Court on October 13, no plea was entered.

He was released on conditional bail and placed on an electronic curfew between the hours of 9pm and 7am.

Thompson, of Longport Avenue, Manchester, finally pleaded guilty to possession with intent to supply crack cocaine and heroin, and possession of criminal property in November 2022.

His sentence hearing was adjourned pending the outcome of Miss Salma’s trial after she denied all charges against her.

On September 14, 2023, on the first day of Miss Salma’s trial, Thompson attended court with her and provided a written statement saying he was responsible for all the offending on October 11, 2022, and Miss Salma was not involved.

Ms Ingham said: “The prosecution made the decision not to proceed with the charged against Sadia Salma and Thompson’s case was listed for sentence.”

Thompson, 28, has three previous convictions for three offences, including a two-year prison sentence which was handed to him in 2018 for his involvement in a mass brawl which resulted in a fatal stabbing at a nightclub in Manchester city centre.

He was also jailed for five years in 2014 for possession of a handgun.

Mark Stephenson, for Thompson, said his client had stayed out of trouble since 2022 and had been subject to an electronic curfew for 495 days.

He said: “He moved out of Manchester after his relationship broke down and ended up living in Blackburn.

“He could not find work and he was then offered the opportunity to deal drugs for so called friends.”

Thompson was jailed for 40 months, less his time spent on electronic curfew.