A councillor has urged dog owners to keep an eye on their pets after a woman was injured in Blackburn after being chased by two dogs.

The incident happened early in the morning on Monday in the Pleckgate area. 

A young girl had left her cousin’s home and crossed the road and was attempting to open the door to another house.

She was startled when two Border Collies began to bark and chase her.

On hearing the commotion, her aunt rushed to help from across the road.

The dogs turned their attention to her and as she attempted to ‘shoo’ them away they continued to chase  her along the road.

As she tried to evade them she fell and injured her hands, breaking her fingers and sustaining grazes.

A taxi driver later got out of his vehicle to help and the Collies eventually moved away.

The woman was taken to hospital and later released with her hands bandaged up.

There is no evidence to suggest the dogs bit anyone involved or injuries were directly caused by the animals.

A message shared locally asked for the owners of the dogs to come forward as it was very ‘unusual for Collies to attack and the animals appeared to be agitated’.

Councillor Saj Ali, who represents the Roe Lee ward, said: “It was very distressing for the family as the child was getting ready to go to school.

“I would urge all dog owners to take more care and make sure they know they know where their pets are.

“Dogs should not be running around off the leads.

“We sent out messages locally to find out why this has been happened and who owned the dogs.”

A family member said: “This was really scary for the young child. This could have been worse.

“We did try to contact the relevant authorities to complain but could not get anywhere.”

The family later said that the owners of the collies had now been found.

Border Collies are not thought to be an aggressive breed by nature and are usually gentle animals, though if not properly trained or physically and mentally stimulated can show signs of dominant behaviour or other behavioural issues.