A man is demanding change from the council after a roundabout in Accrington was left ‘flooded for weeks’.

Michael Ashworth uploaded a video of the Accrington viaduct roundabout, which he described as the ‘Accrington lake feature’ as the road was left flooded.

The video shows cars driving through and around flood water on the road.

A spokesperson for Lancashire Council says this is due to blocked drains and says the issue has now been fixed. It had been causing issues for around six weeks.

Michael has criticised the council for not fixing the issue sooner.

He said: “It has been reported to Lancashire County Council on many occasions. They have been out to look at it and put up flood warning signs

“But as of February 14, they had not unblocked a blocked drain

“Drivers are enjoying driving through the flood water, I wonder who would be responsible if they flood their engine?

“The ‘aqueduct lake’ is just a blocked drain and would easily be sorted but [weeks] later it’s still a problem.

“Yes [the council] has put signs out, but these are not far enough back on the roundabout and anyone not knowing about the flood would find themselves literally in deep water."

Michael said he understands that budgets may be limited but is asking the council why the work was not prioritised.

He said: “I know that they have a limited budget but going out to the job twice instead of once is a waste of our money, failing to keep on top of maintenance only leads to having to carry out much more expensive work.

“The question is now, why has it taken two months and a YouTube video to prompt then to carry out a simple maintenance task?”

A spokesperson for the council said the issue has now been resolved, adding that it is has been “a very busy time of year” for the highways team.

A spokesperson for the council said: "We clean the roadside drains on the roundabout at Accrington Viaduct on an annual basis, however they have needed some further maintenance in the past week after becoming less effective due to a buildup of silt.

"We're sorry that it has taken some time to carry out this work, however because it's a very busy location, this had to be arranged outside normal working hours with traffic management for safety."