A YouTuber has revealed what he really thinks of a popular bakery chain, which has stores in Great Hawood and Blackburn.

Scran Time, which produces videos from their Darwen-based studio, posted a review of some of Finch Bakery’s goods.

Host Chris Miller gave the ‘Instagram-famous’ bakery chain a glowing review, after trying a raspberry white chocolate blondie, Twix caramel deep pan cookie and Kinder Bueno brookie.

Chris rated Finch Bakery five stars, a rating that only three other businesses have achieved out of more than 200 review videos.

In the video Chris said: “I have heard a lot of things about Finch Bakery and I’ve never had it. I know a lot of people love it.”

Trying the Kinder Bueno brookie, Chris said: “Heavy stuff this. If I throw that at you it is going to cause some damage. Kinder Bueno is class.

“I can’t eat all of them but they are coming home with me. They are mine now, even though Mikey paid for them.”

Lancashire Telegraph: Finch Bakery goods on YouTube channel Scran TimeFinch Bakery goods on YouTube channel Scran Time (Image: YouTube/Scran Time)

Chris described the business as “pristine”.

He said: “Finch Bakery , it’s a pristine cake business. Welcome to the five star club. When [their food] goes into my mouth it is an eruption of beautifulness [sic]. I can’t give it less than five stars.

“They are the fourth five star out of more than 200 places we have visited. Well played.”

Speaking to the Lancashire Telegraph a spokesperson for Scan Time said:  “We are proud of our local Finch Bakery for what they have achieved over the years, their treats have always been top tier and we've never tried anything better so far.

"Overall we're really happy with the five star review Miller gave them. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel, we're on the road to 50k subscribers right now.”

Scran Time consist of Mikey Davies, producer and video editor, Chris, the face and host of the show and VJ Brand, the camera operator, editor and also the person who decides what food Miller will be reviewing.

Will Hilton is another a camera operator and head of behind the scenes.

The channel, which has more than 10,000 subscribers, has reviewed other eateries from around East Lancashire including Freya’s Grill in Darwen and Master Fu’s in Blackburn.

Watch the full video on the Scran Time YouTube channel.