A luxury Ribble Valley hotel has had plans for a restaurant pavilion in its manor grounds approved as part of their ‘masterplan.’

Proposals were submitted in June last year for the one-storey building with views across the valley at Northcote Hotel near Langho, which will expand the range of dining options available at the hotel.

Northcote is known for its Michelin-starred restaurant, headed up by executive chef Lisa Goodwin-Allen, who was named the best chef in Britain in 2022.

A pre-application was submitted in 2022 to extend the food experience at Northcote to create a “five-star leisure destination with a strong local outreach and global recognition.”

Lancashire Telegraph: The development is part of Northcote's 'masterplan'The development is part of Northcote's 'masterplan' (Image: 3D Reid)

As part of what the hotel calls the ‘Masterplan’, the facilities proposed are an increase in the hotel’s room inventory, the development of a new restaurant, the development of a health club facility, a private events space, and a training academy to support long-term employment for the Stafford Collection – the group which owns the hotel.

A design and access statement said: “The proposed building is a standalone restaurant pavilion, located within the ground of Northcote Manor, with associated landscaping and new vehicular access.

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“To create a serene dining experience with a great view of the Ribble Valley, there’s extensive large glazing on the north-facing elevation. Overheating is not a concern.

“The kitchen will be fully visible from the dining area to provide a sense of theatre.

“The pavilion proposal is a one-storey building that has been carefully designed to complement the existing house.

"Its ground floor level is situated two metres lower than the main houses ground level, ensuring unobstructed views of the Ribble Valley.

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“The proposed development will be designed in accordance with the key principles of sustainable design, such as building form and layout, materials, and waste management. In this regard, a holistic approach to the design of the proposed development will be taken."

Lancashire Telegraph: The kitchen will be visible to dinersThe kitchen will be visible to diners (Image: 3D Reid)

The restaurant will provide a daily lunch and evening dinner service from noon to 2pm and 6pm until 8.30pm.

There will be a drop off/pick up space at the entrance, managed by a valet service, while there will be dedicated parking, including for electric vehicles.

Currently, the hotel has a Michelin-star restaurant led by Goodwin-Allen and is said to be one of the UK’s leading food and wine destinations.

The restaurant holds approximately 70 people with more out on the terrace, while there are 26 rooms in the hotel; 18 in the manor house, and eight in the garden lodge.

Developers now have a three-year period in which to begin work on the restaurant.