Organisers of new wrestling sessions for women in Blackburn said they were overwhelmed with the response.

Over the weekend 36 participants joined a qualified coach at Bangor Street Community Centre for the ‘Empowering women through Sunnah Sport Wrestling’ classes. 


The free sessions aim to give women an opportunity to find out more about the sport as well as gain self-defence skills. 

This event was made possible by British Wrestling and was led by Zaynab Jogi (Zee) - the only female wrestling coach in Lancashire of Z’s Defence Academy.

'Sunnah' are said to be the traditions and practices of the prophet Muhammad that constitute a model for Muslims to follow.

Zee said: “By delving into this traditional form of physical activity, participants not only engaged in a unique sport but also connected with a rich cultural and historical heritage.

"We believe that Sunnah sport wrestling provides an empowering avenue for women to cultivate strength, resilience, and a sense of community." 

Lancashire Telegraph:

Legacy Officer for British Wrestling Sahara Mohammed said: "In addition to the physical benefits, this initiative aligns with the Sunnah principles, fostering a holistic approach to well-being."

Zee wanted to thank all those who took part in the session. 

She added: “Their presence and engagement underscore the impact of such programmes in building a supportive community of empowered women.

“The partnership with British Wrestling has played a pivotal role in making this initiative possible. Their commitment to supporting projects that promote diverse and inclusive participation in sports has created a platform for women to learn and thrive.”

Lancashire Telegraph:

Zee said further lessons are planned from April 21, after the month of Ramadan.

Z’s Defence Academy (ZDA) works within Blackburn with Darwen to support and empower women of all ages.

The group was presented the '2023 Charity of the year' honour at She Inspires Awards for its work in ‘building confidence, role model to the youth, supporting the vulnerable, and serving the elderly’.

Zee has been completing a number of gruelling treks over the past few years and, in 2021, spent two weeks in Tanzania alongside a group of 43 athletes from 26 countries who climbed 5,895 meters and then completed the challenge at the top of the mountain - a new Guinness record.

Anyone wanting to book their place on the female only wrestling sessions can call 07720 636847 or see