A drunken man was reported to police by his partner and his daughter because of his behaviour towards them.

Blackburn magistrates heard Mark Jackson told his partner he would “do her in” during a call she received while she was at work.

District Judge Alexandra Preston said the offence had been committed against a background of offences of violence against his partner and his own daughter.

“You blame alcohol but there are plenty of men who drink and don’t assault their partner and their own child,” said District Judge Preston. “I am going to impose a prison sentence but I am just persuaded to suspend it.”

Jackson, 50, of Oak Street, Colne, pleaded guilty to harassment. He was given an 18-week suspended jail term and ordered to pay £85 costs.

Henry Prescott, prosecuting, said the defendant had been drunk and causing problems when his daughter rang police.

Half an hour later his partner contacted police and said she was at work when she received a call from Jackson saying he was going to “do her in.”

“There was a further call from the daughter who said he was outside her house shouting and screaming,” said Mr Prescott.

Mr Prescott said the partner had retracted her complaint and he understood the couple planned to rekindle their relationship.

David Lawson, defending, said his client accepted it was a sad state of affairs when his wife and daughter called the police to complain about his behaviour.

“He has to accept his behaviour towards his partner was deplorable and has been in the past,” said Mr Lawson. “Alcohol is a problem and he is determined to do something about it. He hasn’t had a drink for two weeks and has gone through cold sweats and tremors in that time.

“That is the longest he has gone without a drink for a long time and his daughter, who sits at the back of court, says he is a different person when he is not in drink.”