A roadshow dedicated to Johnny Cash, set on a stage which has been transformed into Folsom Prison, is coming to a theatre in East Lancashire later this month.

The stage at the Burnley Mechanics Theatre will be transformed to replicate the one made famous by the legendary country singer at Folsom Prison, California, when the Johnny Cash roadshow makes its way to town.

The only show to be endorsed by the Cash family, the latest all-new production, Sin and Redemption, is coming to Burnley on Thursday, February 22.

The show is set on a Folsom Prison style stage, where the award-winning Clive John pays homage to Cash in his warm and unique way, alongside his iconic wife June Carter, whose role is performed by Meghan Thomas, and an accomplished band of musicians and backing singers.

Johnny Cash performed more than 4,300 times across the globe at numerous notable locations. However, the Man in Black's most popular concerts and albums were recorded and performed behind the walls of prisons both in America and abroad.

After he recorded the hit song, Folsom Prison Blues in 1955, inmates all over the country would write to him asking him to play at their prisons.

That eventually led to Cash performing his most well-known prison concert and, arguably, the most well-known performance of his career at Folsom Prison in January 1968, which spawned his Live At Folsom Prison album.

Speaking of the hit show, Caitlin Crowell, Johnny Cash’s granddaughter, said: “I had the pleasure to see the Johnny Cash Roadshow in Manchester. As a member of this family, the Cash family, I was in awe of how incredible the performances were.

“Clive and his June capture my grandfather and grandmother just as they were in this world they put a mark in.

“I sincerely believe that there is an art form to tributing, but this was absolutely authentic to the point where it felt as if it wasn’t a tribute per se, it was a rock ‘n’ roll gig, given by some sincere rock ‘n’ rollers. I am a fan.”

Clive, an accomplished singer, songwriter based in Malvern, Worcestershire, said: “I was very honoured Caitlin took the time to come and see the show and then to email those glowing comments afterwards.

“There is only ever going to be one Johnny Cash, but his songs suit my style and voice well. I love his music, and this is the perfect way to honour him.

“As a child, my parents used to listen to country music. The first Johnny Cash song I remember was ‘One Piece at a Time’, which stuck in my memory. I then explored more of his music and learnt to love it.

“I love the Johnny Cash Roadshow - it will always be my priority and it will keep on improving, touring and changing as it continues to grow.”

To buy tickets, visit the shows section of the Burnley Leisure and Culture website.