A nursery in Billington has been praised by Ofsted after being rated ‘outstanding’ in all areas.

On Friday, December 15, inspectors visited Early Baird's Children's Nursery, which opened in 2021, to inspect it for the first time.

They praised it as a “calm and welcoming nursery” where “staff communicate with children with warmth and enthusiasm”.

New children are said to settle quickly and form close bonds with staff.

Lancashire Telegraph: Early Baird's Children's Nursery in Billington Early Baird's Children's Nursery in Billington (Image: Google)

Staff are also said to be mindful of children’s experiences at home and how they build on them in the nursery.

An inspector said: “The curriculum is designed to give children the cultural capital they need in life.

“As a result, children are enthused by feelings of awe and wonder. They have a genuine thirst for learning.”

Nursery workers are also said to have high expectations for all children, including those with special educational needs (SEND).

The report said: “All children are highly motivated to persevere with any challenges they encounter.

“They remain deeply absorbed in activities and develop highly positive attitudes to their behaviour and learning.”

Children are also said to develop a secure knowledge of the nursery’s rules. For example, children are often reminded to use their “walking feet” while playing inside.

The lesson plans and curriculum is said to be “unique and highly ambitious”. Staff also encourage children to think critically.

Inspectors said: “The passionate and dedicated manager creates a unique and highly ambitious curriculum that is implemented extremely well by staff.

Lancashire Telegraph: Early Baird's Children's Nursery in Billington Early Baird's Children's Nursery in Billington (Image: Early Baird's Children's Nursery)

“Children's learning is planned in the right order, enabling them to get the most from the opportunities for learning on offer.

"Staff plan inspiring activities, which are tailored to respond to children's interests. This highly personalised approach helps all children to make rapid progress in all areas of learning.”

The nursery manager, Heidi Langhorn, was also praised in the report helping professional development and training of all staff.

The report said: “Staff continually strive to improve their professional knowledge and practice. “Regular training and development opportunities are accurately focused on enabling staff to implement the curriculum consistently well.”

Children are also said to behave “impeccably”.

The report said: “Staff expertly and routinely support children to understand the impact of their actions.

“The language of emotions is skilfully embedded across adult-led experiences, such as circle time. This equips children with the necessary skills to play cooperatively.

"Children respond positively to recognition and praise from staff as they take turns with resources and demonstrate wonderful kindness.”

Manager Heidi said: “We couldn't have asked for a better day. From start to finish the inspector couldn't have praised us any more than he did.

“We had the most amazing day, so relaxed and calm. We definitely went out and partied hard on our Christmas party the following night, after we were graded outstanding in all areas with no recommendations.

“I really do have the most fabulous team and families. Well done ladies. I am one proud manager.”