A council is asking for volunteers for the last push to plant the remaining trees of its forest initiative.

Rossendale Forest, Rossendale Borough Council’s tree planting initiative to plant a tree for every child in the borough over three years, has successfully planted more than 10,000 trees since the start of the project.

The final 4,500 trees, taking it to a total of 16,000, need to be planted by the end of the planting season in March to reach the target.

The award-winning initiative is part of a raft of measures to help combat climate change that the council announced in its climate report in 2021.

Lancashire Telegraph: Volunteers planting trees in EdenfieldVolunteers planting trees in Edenfield (Image: Viva PR)

Matthew Jackson, who is coordinating the planting session, said: “When we first asked for volunteers to sign up and ‘Pledge to Plant’ we were blown away by the response. We had over 300 individuals, families and groups sign up and we couldn’t have planted as many trees as we did in that first season without their help.

“But we need help again if we’re to hit our target this year. The tree planting season only lasts until to the end of March, so we have a limited amount of time to plant the final lot of trees and we need all the help we can get.”

Whitehall ward councillor Julie Adshead added: “The council takes climate change very seriously and we’re trying to do as much as we can to reduce our energy consumption and obtain as much as we can from renewable sources.

“Rossendale Forest is such a great initiative and seems to have really struck a chord with people in Rossendale. We had hundreds who signed up to Pledge to Plant, which is absolutely fantastic and we‘re just asking for that last push to get this final batch of trees in before it’s too late.

“This is something that everyone no matter their age can get involved in. All the small things we do, when done collectively, make a much bigger impact and we hope Rossendale Forest will be a real legacy for generations to come.”

The next planting sessions are scheduled for:

  • 10am-3pm – Saturday, February 17
  • 10am-3pm – Thursday, February 22

At Clough Edge Farm, off Reeds Lane, Crawshaw Grange

Matthew continued: “If you can help out, please come along to one of the sessions. We’d love to have a strong community presence to finish our tree planting for this winter and round the project off.

Lancashire Telegraph: Cllr Julie Adshead (right) planting treesCllr Julie Adshead (right) planting trees (Image: Viva PR)

“You don’t need to bring anything with you as we will provide the spades and gloves etc but it is advisable to wear wellies or sturdy footwear and to being a drink along. We don’t expect people to stay for the full session either but if they’re able to come along for an hour or so it would make a huge difference.

“Tree planting is the perfect way to improve your local environment. Trees contribute to flood resistance, clean the air, lock up carbon and stabilise soils. They also look fantastic, and you’ll get to keep checking on their progress. It’s been really satisfying seeing the trees we planted a couple of years ago thrive and do well.”

Further sessions are planned for March and will be announced in due course.