A man who withdrew cash from Morrisons Supermarket in Nelson shortly went on to sell class A drugs.

Siahosh Khan, 44, of Wroxham Close, Burnley, pleaded guilty to supplying class A drugs, namely crack cocaine and diamorphine. 

Preston Crown Court heard that on Tuesday, October 3, 2023, plain clothed-police saw Khan get out of his SEAT car and take out cash from the machine.

Prosecutor Niamh Ingham told the court that police then saw another man enter the vehicle for a very short period of time before exiting, suspecting the interaction was a drug deal.

They stopped the man who got into Khan's car and found class A drugs including 3.27 grams of heroin, and seized his mobile phone.

They then followed Khan after he drove away on to Walter Street, and arrested him on Richard Street, finding £52.66 in cash and also seizing his mobile phone.

Police found messages from Khan stating "I am on", indicating that he was available for drug sales up to five weeks prior.

Khan has two convictions for five previous offences, including conspiracy to supply class A drugs.

He pleaded guilty to intending to supply class A drugs, and as this is his third offence for class A drugs, sentencing guidelines start at seven years imprisonment.

In mitigation, Mark Stuart told the court that he began to sell drugs again due to threats from money he owed from his past.

He also told the court he has four children ranging from 13 to 21 that he looks after with his wife who he is now separated from.

Judge Ian Unsworth sentenced Khan to four years three months in prison.

He said: "As you were only in this conspiracy for five weeks at street level, it is clear there is a bigger picture.

"Although the starting point is seven years imprisonment, your early guilty plea and time between those convictions is a mitigating feature, and they were even more serious."