Around £18,000 worth of illegal cigarettes and tobacco have been seized from shops in Rossendale.

On Tuesday, (February 6) trading standards officers and police officers conducted visits to shops.

These products are unregulated and it is not known what impact they can have on your health.

A police spokesperson said: “Yesterday (February 6) Trading Standards officers, along with Rossendale neighbourhood team have conducted site visits to shops that they believe are selling illegal counterfeit cigarettes, tobacco and vapes.

“Approximately £18,000 worth of illegal cigarettes and tobacco has been seized in Rossendale pending further action.

“Although these products may seem like a cheap alternative to many people, they are produced by unscrupulous suppliers who don't care what goes into making these products.

“As they are unregulated, it is not known what damage they can do to your immediate health let alone long term issues.”