The owner of a restaurant and takeaway in Clayton-Le-Moors claims his site could close if traffic measures are installed outside.

 Lancashire County Council has proposed plans to install a pedestrian crossing directly outside the Balti Stan restaurant in Whalley Road.

The council’s highways team said it will consider any objections received but these must be submitted by February 9.

The measures will se Lancashire County Council has proposed plans

Currently, parking is allowed outside the restaurant during allocated hours in the evening.

Harun Miah, who has owned the restaurant for 26 years, claims he will be forced to close the business if the measures are introduced, as it will impact both customer footfall and deliveries.

He said: “If these measures do go through, I will have to close down the restaurant I have worked so hard for and will unfortunately no longer be able to continue to serve our community.

“These measures mean there will be no parking outside the restaurant whatsoever.

“Delivery drivers park there to deliver our goods, which is what we have been doing for the last 26 years.

“I have already spoken to a few of my delivery guys who explained it is going to be difficult for them. The goods are heavy and they won’t be able to carry them to my restaurant.

“We serve generations of families who sometimes visit in big groups. If customers don’t find parking how can anyone bring their families and come down for a meal?

“I am really devastated at the moment and so are my family. I feel completely lost.”

Harun said he only found out about the changes after reading a notice on a lamppost.

He said: “I wasn’t consulted and no-one told me. I was shocked to see the proposed traffic changes.

“I am consulting with councillors to see what can be done.

“Councillors have been really supportive of me. I am known in the community and everybody seems to be on my side.”

Harun says these measures are the last thing the business needs after the pandemic and cost of living crisis.

He said: “There will be no point in me staying open with fewer customer as the gas and electric bill is already £3,000 to £4,000 a month.

“After Covid and the cost of living crisis, the hospitality industry has really suffered.”

Harun said he can’t imagine what life will be like without the restaurant. He is urging customers, or those with similar concerns, to submit their objections before the consultation closes on February 9.

He said: “Three or four generations of families come through the doors, over the years. This business is my life and I don’t know what I will do if it closes."

A spokesperson for Lancashire County Council said: "The proposal we are currently consulting on for a new zebra crossing on Whalley Road is part of the planning conditions for the nearby housing development off the western side of Whalley Road, to be funded by the developer.

"The zebra crossing has been proposed to provide a better link for pedestrians between the new housing and businesses and bus stops on the opposite side of Whalley Road.

"We will consider any objections received and look at whether we can provide a suitable solution which all parties are happy with in the first instance.

"If the issues raised can't be resolved, a report outlining them will be considered by our cabinet for a decision."