An East Lancashire council has started the legal process to turn parking bays in three terraced streets into electric vehicle charging bays.

They are in Lambeth Street and Pringle Street in Blackburn and Progress Street in Darwen.

The plans are to have six electric vehicle charging (EV) bays in Lambeth Street, six in Pringle Street and four in Progress Street.

The move by Blackburn with Darwen Council is part of a pilot project to bring in new EV points at five locations in the borough.

The other two are The Old Bank Lane NHS Car Park, Blackburn, with five EV bays, and The Blakewater Lodge Car Park off Swallow Drive, Blackburn, with four.

The council is advertising a Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) to support the new charging bays.

If approved after consultation it will restrict parking within the designated EV charging bays to be only available for electric vehicles.

A report on the TRO proposal by council highways boss Cllr Quesir Mahmood says: "These EV charging points form part of a pilot scheme that will install charge points at five locations around the borough.

"The pilot scheme will help generate evidence to be used for the Local Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (LEVI) funding application due in April 2024.

"The LEVI funding of £1.6 million is to be spent on forming new charge points in predominantly residential areas with low or no off-street parking.

"It has been identified that there is a need for EV charging bays to be provided in areas where residents have no access to off-street parking.

"To facilitate this the council will be applying for funding to install EV charging points in Blackburn, Darwen and the rural areas.

"This TRO covers three of the five sites in Lambeth Street and Pringle Street in Blackburn and Progress Street in Darwen.

"Once this TRO is passed, future locations in which EV charging sites are located can be added to the order via amendments to this TRO.

"Due to the type of housing and the general lack of available parking, we intend to enhance the parking offer for residents.

"This will be achieved by adding additional EV parking spaces into available vacant land not previously open to the public.

"The new spaces will be contiguous with the highway where possible and will look like charging hubs alongside the street without removing significant available parking space for non-EV users."