New road humps are being proposed for a busy road in Accrington.

County highways engineers have drawn up proposals for the speed barriers along Thorneyholme Road and Moss Hall Road.

County councillors have heard the intervention is necessary following the construction of new homes at Ribblesdale Place, close to Accrington Stanley Sports Hub and Accrington Cricket Club.

Three flat top road humps are proposed along Thorneyholme Road, which has a 20mph limit, and raised junction table where the route meets Moss Hall Road.

Phil Durnell, county highways director, says in cabinet report the move is "due to concerns raised by the community and the increase in traffic from the new housing development with the intention to slow traffic, creating a safer and more community friendly environment for pedestrians and other vulnerable user groups."

He told councillors the prospect of extra traffic calming was raised by county highways officials when Hyndburn Council considered the homes bid.

Funding for the humps will come via a planning agreement with a developer.

"Following a number of complaints received by Lancashire County Council regarding vehicle speeds on this road, it was felt that the additional traffic from the new development could likely exacerbate the situation," said Mr Durnell.

One objector claimed the speed humps would create noise, until late at night, which would worsen the protester's mental health state, already heightened by alleged dangerous driving nearby.

The cabinet report says the objector say parking problems generated by the football ground have also left neighbours concerned about parking.

A county official added: "Traffic calming schemes are introduced to aid road safety by reducing the speed of vehicles on a road which, in turn reduces the potential for road traffic accidents.

"In this case, the speed humps do not conflict with any existing driveways and are considered 'bus friendly' with longer ramps and a 6-metre-long plateau that are much quieter than the standard 1.5m flat top speed tables."

The objector has been advised to contact neighbourhood police with any concerns about dangerous or inconsiderate driving.

Cabinet members will meet on Thursday to determine the Thorneyholme Road proposals.