A resident has slammed 'lazy' homeowners who ‘can’t be bothered’ wheeling their bins to the end of an alleyway for collection.

This was the scene behind Lynwood Road and Leamington Road last week where residents have become frustrated with their neighbours.

Blackburn with Darwen Council said 'all residents needed to play their part and take their bin to the correct point on their collection day'. Anyone wanting help could apply for 'assisted collection'.

One homeowner, who has lived in the area for many years, says this is  the worst he had seen it.

The household rubbish included needles and discarded takeaway boxes, as well as general waste.

As well as being dangerous for other people in the area, it also raises the chances of attracting vermin to the area, while also making the appearance of the streets look scruffy.

The man, who did not wish to be named, said: “This is just shocking. People are just dumping their bags on top of one another.

“When one person starts then everyone else joins in. If a bin is full then you should just not just leave the bag on top.

“It just got out of hand.”

Lancashire Telegraph:

He said the situation deteriorated when council bin wagons asked residents to wheel their bins to the end of the alleyway.

Rather than cooperate with the polite request, many residents on the street have ignored it and just let rubbish pile up in the street.

The resident added: “It is not that that far and people are just being asked to wheel the bins to the end of the alleyway for collection.

"I can understand the council doing this, as it is not possible to go through the alleyway all the time.

“Thankfully the rubbish has been removed but people are now just not taking care to close their bins properly.

“When a bin is overflowing all the rubbish just gets blown over the street.”

Executive Member for Environment and Operations, Cllr Jim Smith said: “This alley operates on a bin collection point system due to the bin wagon not being able to get down the narrow street, and this means we need all residents to play their part and take their bin to the correct point on their collection day.

“We know that the vast majority do this and work to keep their streets clean and tidy, but it is the very small minority who do not, and this creates an unpleasant mess in the street and can cause health and safety issues as well due to built up rubbish and food waste.

“If you need help putting out your bins, and you meet the criteria, you can arrange for an assisted collection.

"This is where our collection crews will collect and return your bins from an agreed collection point outside your property. You can do this through our website: https://www.blackburn.gov.uk/bins-and-waste-services/help-bin-collections-assisted-collections

You can find out more about bin collections at: https://www.blackburn.gov.uk/bins-and-waste-services