In recent weeks we have had gale force winds, serious downpours and the odd smattering of snow.

You can never to be complacent about what Mother Nature might do next as these photos from the archive demonstrate.

They were taken in February 1994 and show that 30 years ago it was a month to remember.

A series of major snowfalls caused the usual mayhem around East Lancashire. Schools were closed, roads blocked and numerous minor bumps were reported.

For youngsters, a major snowfall is always a fun time with snowmen to be built and every decent slope becoming a sledgers’ paradise.

It’s not so much fun for those struggling to get to work or the elderly who can’t get out of their homes.

If we do end up with winter weather similar to that of 30 years ago remember to look out for one another.

If you have any photos of snowfalls in East Lancashire in days gone by, we’d love to share them with Looking Back readers. Leave a comment.