School pupils in Burnley have written, illustrated and printed their own children’s book about the environment and deforestation.

Blessed Trinity Roman Catholic College’s Young Enterprise Club produced the book "Nature’s Pursuit" and will now share it primary schools.

The book was drawn by talented artist and Year 10 pupil Sarah Zaman.

Year 10 pupil Maisie Heuer said: “As a group we decided this was important to us and we wanted a book to educate the next generation as they will be responsible for the planet.

“It’s something we are all very interested in and, as a Catholic school, we are taught about stewardship and so we want to help other people as much as we can.

“We are proud of the way the book has turned out, we think it is amazing.”

Lancashire Telegraph: School pupils have have written, illustrated and printed their own children’s book about the

Careers leader Katie Hart added: "Young Enterprise is a fantastic opportunity for our pupils.

"As a group they have formed their own business and later this year will present their idea to a team of business leaders. 

"They have all demonstrated high levels of commitment to the project and their hard work has resulted in this wonderful book!"

The book is available for sale at the school for £4.50.