Two Lancashire filmmakers have collaborated with a charity named 'Active Lancashire' on a new film to showcase that 'with the right support anyone can transform their life'.

Critically acclaimed filmmakers Aaron Dunleavy, from Blackburn, and Broden Salmon, from Clitheroe, examined the inspirational story of their colleague Paul Becouarn.

Paul, from Rossendale, uses his lived experience to support others through his work.

The short-film highlights Paul's inspiring triumph over a history of addiction and prison convictions, to turn his life around and use his empathy and knowledge to support others with complex barriers to employment within his Active Lancashire role.

Aaron said: "Working on this project has been a deeply moving experience.

"Paul's journey is a testament to resilience, and I believe this film has the power to inspire and bring about positive change.

"We're exploring opportunities in film festivals and competitions, recognizing the potential for mass awareness."

Lancashire Telegraph:

The film is part-dramatisation using actors and part-documentary, with a narration from Paul himself.

The video recently received its debut screening within The Bureau in Blackburn for representatives from Active Lancashire’s partners and a second screening is set for other partner organisations next week in Clitheroe.

The new film, 'I Want To Live' combines dramatized scenes with actors alongside an authentic narration from Paul and genuine footage to capture the essence of his journey.

The film aims to resonate with those facing adversity.

It was commissioned by Jane Moodie, the Manager of Active Lancashire’s 'Challenge Through Sport Initiative' service, and has been in development for over a year.

Paul Becouarn, Project Lead for Rossendale Works, an employment service run by Active Lancashire on behalf of Rossendale Council with funding from the government’s UK Shared Prosperity Fund, said: "Sharing my story has not been easy, but it's a crucial step in reaching out to others and showing what is possible.

"My hope is that by opening up, I can offer support and encouragement to those facing similar challenges.

"The film captures not just my journey, but the collective spirit of overcoming adversity."

Lancashire Telegraph:

A private screening of the film and Q&A session captivated a small, select audience in Blackburn last November, with an additional event scheduled at the Grand in Clitheroe on February 6 for Active Lancashire's partner organizations.

This will also feature a Q&A with Paul and the filmmakers.

Going forward, Active Lancashire intends to showcase the film in venues like schools and prisons.

Additionally, the organization aims to create a complementary workbook, emphasizing the message that taking positive actions, no matter when, can pave the way for a better life.