An East Lancashire metal finishing firm is celebrating its first success 'Down Under'.

IHC Plating, based in Southfield Street, Nelson, has completed its first export order to Australia, marking a significant milestone for the company's international expansion.

The East Lancashire Chamber of Commerce's International Business team played a pivotal role in supporting IHC Plating throughout the export process, ensuring the safe and successful dispatch of goods.

The export success was achieved using Pendle Council’s UK Shared Prosperity Fund (UKSPF) finance allocated to international trade support.

This project received £55,200 from the UK government through the grant cash specifically designed to assist small and medium enterprises within the borough in global ventures.

The Australian order came to fruition through a former employee, now employed at a mining equipment supplier in Stockport.

IHC Plating had initially manufactured machined plastic tubes for the firm, and subsequently, the product was sold to an Australian company – meaning the introduction of IHC Plating to the Australian market has now begun.

The successful completion of the first export order, currently in transit, highlights the expertise of IHC Plating in meeting international demand for their Lancashire-made products.

The Chamber of Commerce's International Business team guided the firm through the complexities of international trade, providing assistance in the preparation of necessary paperwork and securing the required export licence.

Richard Atkinson, spokesman for IHC Plating, said: "We would like to thank Stef and the team at the Chamber of Commerce for help and advice with the necessary paperwork and obtaining an export licence."

Cllr Asjad Mahmood, leader of Pendle Council, said: “By supporting the chamber’s international business team through the UK Shared Prosperity Fund, we’ve been able to make sure local businesses like IHC Plating in Nelson get the help and support they need to take their products to a worldwide market.”

Mandy Lockett, East Lancashire Chamber of Commerce's international business director, said: “The successful completion of IHC Plating's first export order to Australia not only strengthens their global positioning, but also highlights the collaborative efforts between local businesses and the chamber in fostering international trade opportunities.

“As IHC Plating continues to explore new markets, this milestone serves as a testament to the thriving business environment in East Lancashire, the great products on offer, and the effectiveness of chamber support in facilitating cross-border success.”