A nursery has been told if a full inspection were carried out by Ofsted its rating may no longer be outstanding following an ungraded visit.

Whitegate Nursery School, in Victoria Road, Padiham, welcomed inspectors in December for the ungraded visit, just its second Ofsted call since 2012.

Following the inspection, Ofsted said there is no change to its current outstanding rating, however “evidence gathered suggests the inspection grade might not be as high if a graded inspection were carried out now”.

As a result of this, Ofsted said the next time it visits the early years setting it will be a graded inspection.

In the report, it said: “Children are thrilled to be learning and making friends at school.

“They are keen to get on with investigating and experimenting in classrooms and in the school’s wooded garden.

“Children learn how to behave sensibly in the many learning activities that staff provide. For instance, two-year-olds begin to learn to share toys and cooperate with other children.

“In each classroom, children learn helpful ways to manage and resolve the disagreements that they may have with others. Where needed, staff provide children with gentle reminders about the school’s expectations of their conduct.”

The nursery has “ambitious aims for its curriculum” particularly in helping children living in poverty or with special educational needs or disabilities to overcome their challenges.

The curriculum is carefully planned to ensure children learn what they need to, helping children in the main learn well, with staff carefully checking to ensure children have absorbed their knowledge.

Activities are planned out and help children develop communication skills, talking about ideas and feelings and developing a love of stories and songs which helps with vocabulary development.

The personal development of children is also a strength, boosting concentration and confidence, as well as understanding and respect of others, and the importance of good behaviour.

Relationships between staff and parents was also highlighted as a positive, and safeguarding is effective.

However, some issues were raised by Ofsted which the nursery needs to address.

It was told to better develop some areas of the curriculum which lag behind to ensure children learn what they need to know and become even more successful.

It was also told to sometimes staff don’t teach the curriculum it intends, meaning staff can find it harder to develop children’s understanding of important concepts.