An Accrington man has spoken out after armed police burst into his house over a 'hoax' gun threat.

The incident happened at around 8pm on Monday (January 22) in Richmond Hill Street.

Officers smashed through the front door of the house and used what appeared to be smoke and stun grenades inside the property which had children, including a four-month-old baby, inside.

Police said they were acting over reports that a man had entered a property with a gun.

They said the house was ‘thoroughly searched but no weapon or injured people were found’. 

Lancashire Police said following a review they were satisfied that the response and tactics used were 'proportionate’.

Dad of two, Shabaz Hussain, 31, said he was detained and handcuffed and kept in a van whilst a search was conducted.

He said: “They burst in and scared the whole family. My mum had come from Pakistan and people had gathered at the house.

“We asked why this was happening but nobody was willing to give an explanation.

“I am shocked at the level of force used and the fact they could just raid our home with no consequences. Somebody has to answer our questions.”

Shabaz said officers broke the front door down and threw stun grenades into the property in front of children under nine years of age.

Video footage from the scene shows a number of police cars and vans and teams of officers blockading the whole street.

Shabaz said: “The family was then informed there had been allegations of a gun threat and a person had taken hostage in the home. 

“The family was then informed no firearms were found in the premises and they would release me.

“I was kept in a van for two hours handcuffed and under no caution. I was not told the reason behind the arrest. 

“I was let out of the van and there has been no explanation about what has happened, what the allegations were and why I was arrested?”

Mr Shabaz said his family believe there was no legal reason for the police to arrest him in this way.

He said: “The manner in which the police has operated in this case has been unacceptable, weak and disgusting.”

Shabaz said the three-year-old has been scarred by what has happened and he was left with injuries to his arm and back. 

He added: “The whole street was blocked off and all the residents saw the raid. There were loads of police cars and vans.

"Even the neighbours are avoiding me and they think I have done something?

“I would like an explanation as why this has happened.

“Why would police think it is perfectly normal to do this?

“My son is terrified and keeps saying ‘the police are coming to bomb the house’.

“I have been told two officers are due to come out but nobody has been at the moment nor to see if the kids and family are okay.”

Lancashire Constabulary were asked to respond to concerns raised by Shabaz.

A police spokesperson said: “We were called to Richmond Hill Street, Accrington, at 7.58pm on Monday, January 22, to reports that a man had entered a property in possession of a gun.

“The property was thoroughly searched, and no weapon or injured people were found.

“An internal review of our response has since taken place – as would be the case with any incident of this nature – and we are satisfied that the response and tactics used were proportionate, given the nature of the report that had been made and were in line with national guidance.

“We recognise that this incident will have been quite impactive for the residents inside and nearby to the property and we apologise for any alarm caused.

“We have been in contact with the residents of the property involved to address any concerns they may have and continue to provide high visibility reassurance patrols in the local area.”