Families will be able to pay a modern lasting tribute to their loved ones after the launch of a business which creates digital memorials.

Based in Barrowford, Called Home was founded by Jacqueline Heath who wanted to provide a way of offering a more personal and enduring way to honour the departed.

The platform provides a contemporary alternative to traditional memorials, allowing users to create a lasting digital tribute.

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Jacqueline said: “Our service is designed for those who feel that conventional memorials don’t fully capture their on-going connection with the deceased.

“We aim to continue their stories and legacies in a personal and environmentally friendly manner.”

The core of Called Home’s offering is the creation of digital memorials accessible through NFC-enabled plaques, made from bamboo for indoor usage and resin for outdoor.

The plaques serve as a physical gateway to individualised mini websites, hosting memories, stories, and the essence of the departed.

Jacqueline continued: “These NFC-enabled plaques can be placed on benches, trees, or memorial walls in clubs and relevant buildings, allowing the public to access and engage with the memorial websites.

“It’s a way to keep the stories of loved ones alive, shared in a format that resonates with today’s digital world.

“It’s about creating a modern, interactive space for remembrance, while being eco-conscious.

“We believe in collaboration to bring this technology to a wider audience. We’re inviting companies and individuals within the bereavement space to join us in revolutionising how we remember and honour our loved ones.”

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Jacqueline adds that Called Home has big plans for growth in 2024.

She said: “It’s not often that something completely new arrives on the scene and, as a company, we intend to strike whilst the iron is hot; take advantage of our innovation to establish ourselves and help as many bereaved people as we possibly can.

“We want to create dedicated spaces to their loved ones and immortalise those legacies for the future.”

To find out more, visit www.calledhome.net or email connect@calledhome.net.