King George's Hall will celebrate 100 years of wrestling next month as the American Wrestling show comes back to town.

Titled as an 'awesome family spectacular', American Wrestling will bring an exclusive scoop and 10 fall KO challenge to Blackburn on Saturday, February 3.

The show will also feature moves such as 'Explosive Rumble' and 'Tag Team Thriller' performed by wrestlers including Tiny Iron.

In the past, King George's Hall was hailed as the most popular of the old wrestling venues in the country.

The sport's popularity in East Lancashire has been thought to come from the heyday of UK wrestling in the 1970s and 80s, when shows were televised and millions watched.

Promoter Ian McGregor, himself a former professional wrestler, said: "King George's Hall is renowned by all the top names in the sport.

"Of the venues which hosted wrestling in the old days, it's the only one which averages a crowd of more than 1,000.

"Of course, we do arena shows in Manchester and Wembley with bigger crowds, but wrestling in Blackburn and East Lancs goes back decades to when it was televised on World of Sport.

"There's some wonderful images of the sport's most famous star, Big Daddy, in Blackburn and it's clear from his face how much he enjoyed coming here."

Lancashire Telegraph: Big Daddy with fans at King George's Hall in April 1984

In 2024, organisers still say that it is their "most famous wrestling venue" since 1924, and are encouraging fans to "be part of this historic event" that is "once in a lifetime."

As well as booing the bad guys and cheering the good guys, audience members will have the chance to meet the wrestlers with a free meet and greet.

The show starts at 7:30pm and tickets range from £12 to £15.

Tickets can be found on the King George's Hall website or by calling the box office on 01254 582579.