A paediatric nurse with a brain tumour is fundraising for research into cancer amongst young people.

Claudia Laird, 26, is focusing on increasing awareness and research for young people who have been diagnosed with cancer, as she is living with a brain tumour herself.

At just 24, Claudia, from Burnley, was diagnosed with a brain tumour in January 2022. After having life-saving brain surgery, she is now due for a second surgery and further treatment due to regrowth.

Lancashire Telegraph: Claudia was diagnosed with a brain tumour at just 24Claudia was diagnosed with a brain tumour at just 24 (Image: Highrise Communications)

Claudia said following her diagnosis “life is never the same.”

Claudia’s Cause was set up with the aim to raise funds, directing attention and resources towards the cruel disease claiming more lives under 40 than any other cancers.

She says: “As you can imagine life after brain surgery/a brain tumour diagnosis is never the same.

"It was something I did not ever think about nor expect to happen to me - but that’s the thing about life, you always think these things won’t happen to you.”

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easyfundraising are supporting Claudia to help her raise donations to support other young people going through diagnosis or treatment or a brain tumour.

For 10 days any supporters who sign up to her cause on the easyfundraising website will earn the cause £1.

“easyfundraising is the perfect way to fundraise! Whatever you are already booking/spending, a percentage comes out of it towards my cause. E.g. booking.com and supermarkets.”

Lancashire Telegraph: Claudia is fundraising for research into cancer for young peopleClaudia is fundraising for research into cancer for young people (Image: Highrise Communications)

Claudia is a paediatric nurse on a neurological ward, where she sees constantly the profound impact on families that children’s cancer has.

Claudia said: “My goal is not only to contribute to awareness and research but, more crucially, for the experience of young individuals.

"As a dedicated advocate, I aspire to support families throughout the challenging periods of treatment and beyond.

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 “I envision utilising the donations to curate experiences for young individuals navigating the challenging journey of a brain tumour diagnosis - both pre & post treatment.

"From cinema outings, zoo visits and bowling days to the ultimate escape of weekend getaways.”

Lancashire Telegraph: You can donate to Claudia's CauseYou can donate to Claudia's Cause (Image: Highrise Communications)

 The easyfundraising giving platform allows online shoppers the chance to get money back for their favourite charity or good cause when they make purchases through the easyfundraising website or app at no cost to the consumer. 

Claudia says: “If you’re anything like me, I take any opportunity for a holiday, weekend away, comfort of a hotel bed and breakfast!

"Why not sign up to my cause through easyfundraising and allow a percentage of the price you pay for your overnight stay go towards my fundraising mission?”

 easyfundraising has just hit a £50 million milestone for donations, and now savvy shoppers can boost that further to donate to Claudia’s Cause by shopping on more than 8,000 brands.