A documentary looking at Lancashire Police’s investigation into the murder of Michael Brierley in East Lancashire has been aired on TV channel, Dave.

The documentary, part of the Special Ops: Crime Squad UK series, focuses on the brutal killing of Mr Brierley by Naeem Mustafa in Nelson in November 2021.

It features interviews with officers and police staff, who worked day and night to get justice for Mr Brierley, who was a victim of both murder and cuckooing.

Mustafa’s "barbaric" attack upon Mr Brierley saw him issue fatal injuries with a range of weapons, kicks and punches – with a coroner saying that the 46-year-old’s organs were found “relatively bloodless” following the killer’s rampage.

Mr Brierley was pronounced dead in his Nelson bungalow on November 8 after his partner with whom he shared the house, Jeannie Wright, called 999.

But by this stage Mustafa had fled – hurrying to his mother’s house to get changed before withdrawing cash to buy crack cocaine and visiting a Colne pub with friends.

However just hours later police tracked down Mustafa and arrested him on suspicion of murdering Mr Brierley and assaulting Ms Wright, with a jury finding him guilty on both counts at the end of a three-week long trial in May 2022.

In June 2022 he was jailed for life with a minimum term of 27 years.

In Sunday's episode, Detective Chief Inspector Allen Davies, who led the investigation into Mr Brierley’s murder, explains how his officers tracked down Mustafa, and then compiled overwhelming evidence which proved he brutally killed the 46-year-old.

He tells producers: “The injuries are some of the most brutal injuries I have ever come across as my service as a police officer, there were 164 impact points on Michael’s body.”

Throughout the programme, DCI Davies details how more than 50 police officers began investigating the crime, and found that both Michael, known as Amos, and his partner had been victims of physical abuse for some time, with neighbours naming the person who had been carrying out the abuse as Naeem Mustafa.

The show reveals how Michael and his partner had been victims of cuckooing - a practice where people take over a person's home and use the property to facilitate exploitation.

This video from May 2022, created by Lancashire Police, paints a picture about who Michael was before his life was savagely snatched away by Mustafa, who had taken over his home, finances and life.

Mr Brierley was described as a kind, caring and gentle soul, “a loved individual”, who was vulnerable and, “sadly an easy target”, but who, “did not deserve to have this happen to him”.

The episode, the third in the current series of Special Ops: Crime Squad UK, was aired on Dave on Sunday (January 21) at 7pm and can be watched online or on TV via the catch-up option.

The episode will air again on TV on Saturday, January 27, at 7pm.