Blackburn with Darwen councillors have recommended to approve an upgrade to an historic park building after concerns from borough's heritage advisor about the works were satisfied. 

Earlier this month, the authority's planning committee was recommended to grant listed building consent for the improvements to the first floor flat above the Olde England Kiosk in Darwen's Sunnyhurst Woods, off Earnsdale Road.

But a report by senior planner Christian Barton told members the initial application for the scheme did not have enough detail for the borough's heritage advisor, who had to ask other Blackburn with Darwen Council officials for more information before giving it his seal of approval.

Last week though, at the council’s planning and highways committee meeting, councillors recommended to grant approval for the listed building consent application.

This means work to install secondary glazing to the first-floor hallway, bedroom single windows and living room bay window, as well as the implementation of various refurbishment works including plastering, electrical works and internal carpentry, can now be carried out.

The Olde England Kiosk is a Grade II heritage listed building, originally built in 1911-12, as a tea house for the gentry.

The first floor flat is used by the park and kiosk's manager and family.

A report to the planning and highways committee read: “An initial review of the proposals was undertaken by the Blackburn with Darwen heritage advisor, and a number of shortcomings were identified with regards to the submitted information.

“The agent has subsequently submitted additional information to address those concerns.

“Manufacturers details have been provided clarifying the shape and dimensions of the proposed secondary glazing.

“It has also been clarified that the proposed secondary glazing would not be visible externally once installed.

“A condition is recommended to ensure that outcome is achieved in order to safeguard the character of the listed building.

“Regarding the wider works proposed, the Blackburn with Darwen heritage advisor has acknowledged the limited level of impact from those works.

“A clear need for those works has also been acknowledged in the form of improving the habitability of the ancillary apartment.

“A further condition is recommended to ensure those works are implemented in strict accordance with the submitted details.

“Subject to compliance with those conditions, the proposed development would be acceptable with reference to impacts on heritage assets.

“The development therefore complies with the development plan.

“There is a positive presumption in favour of approving the development and there are no material reasons to object to the application.

“The frames of the secondary glazing hereby approved must be precisely aligned with existing frames/mullions and they must not be visible from the exterior of the building whatsoever.

“The internal plastering works hereby approved shall be implemented in strict accordance with the details and materials shown on the submitted documents.”

Approval of the works has now been granted and they will be permitted to commence shortly.