A Burnley club, that has been open for 61 years, is set to close this week and the future of the building is currently unknown.

Burnley Knights of St Columba (KSC) has announced it is closing the 110 Club, which is located on the corner of Yorkshire Street and Albert Street.

A spokesperson for the club cited financial reasons as the reason for the closure.

The future of the building is currently unknown, although the KSC is currently in talks with a prospective buyer.

Lancashire Telegraph: Looking back at Burnley Knights of St Columba's 110 Club in BurnleyLooking back at Burnley Knights of St Columba's 110 Club in Burnley (Image: Terry Hephrun)

Terry Hephrun, former Grand Knight at the Burnley KSC branch, said the club explored every option but were left with no choice but to close it.

He said: “We have been very lucky that it’s only now we have had to pull the plug on the club. Others in the area closed over the last decade.

“There is insufficient money coming in over the bar to pay our bills.

Lancashire Telegraph: Terry Hephrun (second right) at a charity auction hosted by Burnley Knights of St Columba Terry Hephrun (second right) at a charity auction hosted by Burnley Knights of St Columba (Image: Terry Hephrun)

“It wasn’t an easy decision to make. The last decade has been quite difficult and we there hasn’t been enough money to keep the furnishings up to date.

“Physically, it is not the same place that it was for the first 50 years of existence on Yorkshire Street.

“We explored everything we could do but eventually we concluded that there was no way out. There is no way back for the 110 Club.”

Lancashire Telegraph: Looking back at Burnley Knights of St Columba 110 ClubLooking back at Burnley Knights of St Columba 110 Club (Image: Terry Hephrun)

The club opened in May 1962 and has been used as the base for the KSC for its community, spiritual, social and sporting activities.

The KSC is a male-only voluntary group associated with the Catholic Church in Britain, and was founded in 1919.

Over time, the club expanded into adjacent properties and, on a number of occasions, redeveloped all three floors of the building.

Terry said the club will be closed before the weekend, much to the disappointment of families who have celebrated key life moments here.

He said: “It is a shame and we have spent many key moments of our lives here.

"I spent my 21st, 40th and 60th birthdays here and held my daughter’s baptisms here.

“I used to work behind the bar here and my daughters worked behind the bar too.

“Some people who have commented are no longer in the town but have memories of the venue.

“While people have wonderful memories of the venue, memories don’t come through the door and buy drinks.

“Times have changed for club and pub trade. Members are getting fewer and older. Young people don’t come to clubs like they used to.

“Young people heading into town don’t go out until 11pm and often stay out until the early hours of the morning."

Terry does not know what the future holds but says the KSC is in talks with a prospective buyer.

He said: “We are talking to a prospective buyer but no deal has been signed yet.

"I don’t know what the prospective buyer’s plans would be for the club.”

The KSC now plan to meet at church social rooms and say options are available for bigger social events.

Terry said: “Fundraising, which has been a core element of KSC, will continue.

“Hopefully the sale of the building will give us some capital to play with to carry out main interests of KSC, which is to support the church and schools and charities.”

Council 110 Grand Knight, Tony Young, said the financial problems have been exacerbated by the construction work near the club.

He said: “This is a very sad day for all of us involved in the KSC in Burnley, but I’m afraid the club has suffered from a loss of its traditional clientele and it has been impossible in current trading conditions for the club to take enough money over the bar to pay all the bills.

“The last few months have not been helped by restricted access as a result of the construction work at our front door.

"We are very grateful for the sympathetic approach taken by some of our suppliers, but there are really no prospects for us to increase trade to the level that would be required.

“We are also grateful for all our members and customers who have supported us for 61 years.

"Over that time we have seen parties for weddings, baptisms, birthdays and funerals. We have been a consistent venue for live music and have had some well-known names appearing at the club including Les Dennis, Jimmy Cricket, Emile Ford and even a punk rock group.

“Our children have often had their first experience of work here and we thank all the people who worked and volunteered here over the years. 

"We provided a lot of sporting activities for our members, including football, cricket, table tennis, snooker and darts teams.

“Unfortunately, in recent years, the number of teams have diminished which in turn has contributed to the decline in club use.  We have also welcomed thousands of football supporters on their way to and from Burnley FC matches.

“The club has been the base for the KSC fundraising activities and we have raised many thousands of pounds for local, regional and national charities - most recently the Handicapped Children’s Fellowship and the Georgia Fourie Butterfly Fund at Holly Grove School.

“This will not be the end for the Knights of Saint Columba in Burnley as we move towards our centenary in 2025. 

“We will continue with our work and intend that the money raised from the sale of the property will enable us to continue to support the Roman Catholic Church, our schools and other good causes and KSC 110 will continue to fund raise for charities.”