A SENIOR county councillor has claimed a Lancashire's council's system for reporting potholes is “totally misleading the public” about how soon they are repaired.

Labour's John Fillis says after being told about two vehicle-damaging highway defects in his West Lancs division, he registered them on the Love Clean Streets app County Hall now uses to receive pothole information.

That was on New Year's Eve - and five days later he received a report from the app advising the work had been “completed”.

However, when County Cllr Fillis went to check on the work, he says he found only one of the two – the smallest – had been filled in.

“I could not believe it – this dangerous pothole was still there,” County Cllr Fillis said. “The app is being used by the public who, like me, believe it to be accurate.  But it is completely misleading, claiming work has been completed when it clearly has not.”

“The Conservative leader of the council claims, through this app, they are keeping on top of the potholes in Lancashire. This denial and false reporting of completion can only lead to their overall [pothole repairs numbers being] wrong.

“They need to be open and honest with the public;  Lancashire roads are wrecked due to splash-and-dash mismanagement – and false reporting will add injuries to insults.”

But a Lancashire County Council spokesman said County Cllr Fillis’ experience of the system was likely due to the report having been made over the Christmas and New Year period. – and insisted the most dangerous pothole had been fixed first.

He added: “We carry out regular safety inspections of our highways on the basis of risk, with the busiest, higher-risk roads being inspected most often.

“The approach we take to potholes is to identify issues and undertake repairs in good time to keep our roads safe. We aim to fix 90 percent [or more] of potholes reported to us within 20 working days.

“While we are aware there may have been some potential delays in updates at these locations to the public during the festive period, our highways officers attended...as soon as they were made aware of them…and a repair was undertaken accordingly.  A further repair to a lower-risk pothole...was completed [on January 9].

“However, we always encourage members of the public to continue to help us keep our roads safe by reporting any issues they identify using the Love Clean Streets app on their phone, or via our website or customer service centre."