Here are some new images from the site of one of the biggest mosque projects in Blackburn in recent years, as the impressive place of worship takes shape.

Building work in Preston New Road, on the site of the former Westholme Nursery school, is continuing and exterior work one of the adjoining building appears to have been completed.

The mosque and community facility is being built by the Issa Foundation a family charity run by the billionaire EG Group owners, brothers Mohsin and Zuber Issa.

Windows have been installed at the four-storey high building which stands at the back of the site.

The frontal view facing Preston New Road shows the community facility façade completed.

The distinctive archways and pillars of the mosque itself have also gone up. Pictures also show the interior area which may be the eventual prayer hall.

The next stage of the work should see work being completed on the dome and minarets which tower above the site, which are currently bare steel structures.

The entrance to the site will be off Preston New Road, where during the Easter break last year, one lane was closed off for work to be being carried out to form the new sewer connection to serve the mosque.

The former infant and first school at the site was demolished and plans were revealed for the mosque in December 2020.

Lancashire Telegraph: The mosque site on Preston New Road in Blackburn

Plans for the £5 million scheme were approved in mid-2021 but it is unsure what the cost for the final structures will be.

The plans said applicants the Issa Foundation would pay £30,000 to improve safety at the junction of nearby Preston New Road, Revidge Road and Billinge End Road and employ parking marshals to reduce road safety risks.

Lancashire Telegraph:

What the new mosque may look like once completed.

The facility will aim to serve those living around the areas of Revidge, Corporation Park and Beardwood.

It will be the seventh mosque within walking distance of the area to meet demand in the community.

It will also become the second most expensive mosque to be built in the north west behind the Raza Jamia Masjid in Accrington which cost upwards of £8.6m when it opened in 2017.